Logistics services

Your goods are housed in a dedicated area of our 7000m² of floor space in safe places.

Reception :

We handle your goods and bring a rigor in detecting troubleshooting :

  • Unloading
  • Quantitative and qualitative control according to your requirements
  • Computer Optimization
  • Commissioning stock

Storage / Inventory Management :

Our information system, developed continuously, allowing full traceability of your products :

  • Changes inventories in real time-frequency radio system
  • Management control orders via EDI (control of stock held in EDI), extranet or portal integration files.
  • Processing returns
  • Litigation Management
  • Periodic physical inventory or turning

Order picking :

We prepare your orders with the upmost care in accordance with your specifications :

  • Picking : pallet, packages or Consumer Sales Unit
  • Packing : labelling, packing list, BL, customs documents
  • Packaging : co-packing, custom packaging, filming
  • Delayed Differentiation : the assembly nomenclature